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IINP® presents: New Stream® Therapy
for the RELEASE of
Emotional and related Physical Pain

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Client Testimonials

(Individual identities' confidentially regarded)

“I walked into Regina’s office last year with no clue how to set my life straight again…I was at a point where I just wanted to throw my hands up in the air and quit…I had been to counselling before and what I experienced with Regina was nothing like the sessions I had been to in the past…I feel the work we did together has changed me permanently for the better.” ~ Male 40's

New Stream® Therapy – On the Cutting Edge of Brain Research and Psychotherapy

The founder and leading authority of New Stream® Therapy is Regina Case, MA, RCC. Since 1999, our New Stream® Therapy protocol has been instrumental in assisting individuals, couples and families release their emotional and often related physical (psychosomatic) pain in their journey toward optimum mental health, the foundation for individual well-being. At Advanced Therapeutic Counselling, Regina works as a psychotherapist maintaining a discreet, confidential and high standard approach with her clients.  

• In New Stream® Therapy the emotional pain is targeted and released right away.

• The client shares their ‘pain story’ only once.

• Immediate relief follows the release.

• Therefore the client does not re-entertain their released pain and moves forward in the absence of that pain.

• Any related physical (psychosomatic) pain is released from the body in a natural way.

• All therapeutic interventions are based on recent discoveries in neuroscience, and more specifically, neurobiology.

• The therapeutic protocol has many facets of target directions designed to meet the individual needs of our clients.

Upon completion of their emotional release, New Stream® Therapy clients experience a deep, inner peace coming from a greater inner capacity to move successfully forward.

• During our protocol, clients are given an uncomplicated customized blueprint for their daily use which meshes naturally with their new sense of freedom.

• They are no longer dependent on anyone or anything else for their happiness except their inner self.

• Highly motivated clients commit to daily practice of their personalized blueprint, because they are enthusiastic about their new sense of peace and empowerment.

• Advances in neurobiology provide the foundation for the reliability and validity of the New Stream® Therapy protocol.
New Stream ™ Therapy
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• Racing Thoughts?
• Sleepless Nights?

New Stream ™ Therapy
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• Depression?
• Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder?

“I just completed my session with Regina and never felt so empowered before. I am fascinated that in such a short amount of time, in just 1 hour, so much weight could be lifted from my shoulders. This therapy is truly a wonder and I would highly recommend it to anybody who carries any emotional weight of pain." ~ Female 30's
“I can’t believe that after only 5 two hour sessions, I was able to let go of over 50 years of accumulated emotional baggage which has opened me up to being able to experience the joy of living. I feel peace inside and after all these years, am no longer emotionally shut down. My past emotional pain is completely gone. I have found myself, can feel again, and am free to be me.  I would highly recommend Regina and New Stream® Therapy to anyone experiencing any kind of emotional pain." ~ Female 60's